MEGASTROY-K Ltd. is listed in the Central Professional Register of the Builders in Bulgaria, in the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, as a certified company for the following groups and categories constructions:

FIRST GROUP: high constructions, adjoining infrastructure, electric communication networks and equipment:
1.3 constructions from third to fifth category

Удостоверение за Първа група

Local cultural monuments building

Удостоверение за Първа група (Буква 3)

FOURTH GROUP: public utilities constructions, hydro-technological constructions and environmental protection:
4.3 constructions from third category

Удостоверение за Четвърта група

FIFTH GROUP: separate types of construction and installation works:
45.21 general construction of buildings and construction equipment
45.22 roof and hydro-insulation construction
45.32 insulation construction works
45.41 laying of plasters
45.42 installation of joinery, interior and other completing elements
45.43 laying of floorings and wall linings
45.44 paintings and window-glazing
45.45 other completing construction works

Удостоверение за Пета група

Here you can see the full data for MEGASTROY-K Ltd., listed in the Register of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BG Only).