MEGASTROY-K has the capability to accompany the entire life-cycle of any project. The company’s core activities feature the full degree building engineering circuit – starting projects off the ground and ending with a ready-for-exploitation building.

Construction planning

Before construction begins, MEGASTROY-K is able to provide a complete service package. This includes all design and planning work – from obtaining the necessary official approvals through building design by qualified architects and engineers and the preparation of a detailed concept for the building site logistics.

Construction process

MEGASTROY-K’ s core competence is the constructing process. The process comprises both traditional construction business and construction management in the field of building and engineering. The company’s experience throughout the years includes housing, residential,  commercial and industrial buildings, office buildings, etc. Customers appreciate the technical skill, high quality and reliability and the excellent adherence to schedules.

Final stage

MEGASTROY-K meets all customer’s needs and provides the best interior solutions after the rough construction work. The cycle is closed when the buildings are available for exploitation by managing all the administrative procedures that follow the construction process. In result of the good business relationships we have modern buildings that provide a contemporary standard of habitation for our clients.