About the Company

MEGASTROY-K Ltd. was established in 1999 as an affiliated company to MEGASTROY Ltd. (est. 1992). The company is one of the most valuable and preferable Bulgarian building companies with a portfolio, that includes residential, administration and production building structures.

Key subject in the professional activities is construction and reconstruction of residential buildings and houses, offices, production and administrative buildings, trading areas, which includes interior design and engineering.

MEGASTROY-K works as an executive company in different types of investment projects, concerning a wide range of buildings.

The mission is to guarantee high quality in every stage of the construction process and to achieve full satisfaction for the clients. MEGASTROY-K is a reliable partner in business projects with a significant experience in the field of the construction business.

Within the years, the company has created a large network of clients, friends and partners and became one of the top-of-mind preferred choices in its business field.


MEGASTROY-K has the capability to accompany the entire life-cycle of any project. The company’s core activities feature the full degree building engineering circuit – starting projects off the ground and ending with a ready-for-exploitation building.



1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, 34-V Dondukov Blvd.

tel./fax: +359 2 989 12 67

e-mail: office@megastroy-k.com


We would be glad to work together!